OL&T Technology: Built for the Logistics Professional


The Odyssey Global Logistics PlatformSM supports all modes of transport and global shipping scenarios, in a secure, hosted environment. The Platform provides comprehensive planning, execution, visibility, event management and analytics functionality over a scalable data management and integration base. Our technology provides a holistic view of our clients’ multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for greater interactivity, control and visibility.

OL&T deals with data when and where it matters to supply chain performance, while aggregating information for enterprise decision-making. The Platform manages the full lifecycle of shipments, from load-planning, booking and scheduling; through visibility for orders, inventory and real-time in-transit; and including post-shipment auditing and freight payment.

Learn more about the Odyssey Global Logistics PlatformSM here.


OL&T's platform fosters real-time collaboration over the Web between OL&T, clients, vendors and other supply chain participants. We ensure that the right people see the right information via our secure role-based access to client-specific sites. This role-based security limits the data to which a user has access and the actions that a user can take in the system.

For instance, we can assign freight forwarders to a client's account and make sure that our other forwarders (who may be focused on other accounts) cannot access the shipment data. We can help clients provide shipment visibility to customers, assuring that they see only their shipments, and no others.


OL&T's Platform also offers visibility into strategic-level tools. Supply chain practitioners can make decisions easier while reducing the inherent risk and impact of business volatility.

Our technology is designed to serve highly standards-oriented verticals: manufacturers, chemical producers, process industry companies, and channel partners that source materials in volume. The Platform captures all critical load status data through one of several inputs, allowing OL&T to offer carriers a reporting method and technology options that match their capabilities, and drastically reduce reporting compliance problems.


OL&T's technology experts have developed our Platform based on packaged and custom applications created in-house, and we can rapidly adjust features and functionality for our clients. The tailored approach provides clients with greater control and confidence over transportation and logistics.

The platform includes a full-function Transportation Management System (TMS) and we maintain a dedicated staff of technology experts dedicated to providing our clients with the services they need. We bring hands-on experience as global logisticians, and provide HAZMAT support if needed, including selecting the right carriers to ensure compliance and safe transport.


OL&T integrates not only the typical lead logistics provider services (network design, planning, optimization, execution, payment and audit) but also all of the technology systems and tools for both OL&T operational teams and client team use. This reduces technology investments for our clients, as there is no need to invest in a Transportation Management System.

Learn more about the Odyssey Global Logistics PlatformSM here.

Our multi-tenant systems support operations for many clients on a single system, which allows for efficient, rapid scaling across our client base. In some cases, we extend the reach of our Web-based functionality down to the contracted warehouse providers that we use. This approach significantly streamlines and speeds up implementation and integration.

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