International Services

Import Customs Clearance and Domestic Forwarding

OL&T offers the logistics expertise and Web-based technology that efficiently manages all, or part, of a company's global and domestic freight forwarding needs. Our comprehensive knowledge of import and export processes and regulations enables us to design custom cost-effective end-to-end solutions for any size load.

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Export Freight Forwarding

The complexity and speed at which goods and materials travel through the supply chain has never been greater, and the likelihood of those changes slowing down is non-existent. Add to that the heightened security at ports worldwide and without the right partner, the global shipment of products can pose pressing logistical challenges-especially those that arise in the chemicals industry.

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Freight Audit and Pay

Today's dynamic 24/7 global economy is opening up new markets every day and creating myriad business success stories. At the same time, it is placing a strain on internal logistics professionals at companies worldwide. While the promise of more sales is being readily embraced, it is also exposing companies of every size to more downside-billing discrepancies, surprise charges, process issues and clerical errors.

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