Intermodal Metals (CMI Logistics LLC) Management Information

Accurate information is ust as important as the timely movement of material from the shipping floor to the customer’s receiving door. tili ing our proprietary CMI Operating and Invoicing Logistics System (COILS) CMI has the data and systems to provide our clients with the information they need to make informed business decisions about their supply chain and distribution programs.

Management Reports

CMI provides a variety of customi ed management reports to help make informed business decisions including

  •  Basic shipping reports
  •  Inventory reports
  •  Consignee transit reports
  •  Shipper transit reports

These reports can be sent to our clients by email on a schedule of thier choosing. The reports can contain metrics such as the cost per hundredweight cost per ton and the inventory days on hand at our distribution facilities to support our client’s customers’ delivery requirements.

Shipment Tracking

In addition to reports CMI also provides the ability to do real time tracking and tracing of the shipments via a eb-based portal. Customers also may be given access to the portal allowing them to track their shipments from our client’s facility via their purchase order number.

System Integration

CMI also has the ability to interface directly with our client’s or legacy system to upload real-time inventory and shipment information via I. Through the integration with the systems they will be able to quickly and accurately invoice their customers as well as provide real-time transit information. Our systems and integration professionals have worked with a variety of customers and systems and have developed the integration tools that allow for the free and easy flow of information between systems.

In addition CMI has integrated with a variety of Transportation Management Systems to allow our customers to directly tender shipments to us in a seamless error-free method

All this is managed though the latest in hardware and integration technology assuring our clients and their customers real-time information and data.


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