Alaska Service Announcement: Alaska Service Schedule – Update #5

Valued Customers of American Fast Freight, Inc., please view the latest announcement from Matson:

Further to our August 30 Advisory, Maunalei 182N is making better speed than anticipated and our revised ETA Anchorage has improved to 2:00 PM Sunday, September 4th. In order to facilitate a full return to normal operations in all three of our Alaska ports, Matson is revising upcoming calls to Kodiak and Dutch Harbor as follows:

  • Maunalei 182N will bypass Kodiak and Kodiak-bound cargo will be transloaded to Matson Anchorage 211N with an ETA of Wednesday night, September 8th.
  • Being a much larger vessel, Maunalei, will then be held in Anchorage to facilitate southbound loads and maximize empty returns to Tacoma.
  • Dutch Harbor cargo loaded to Matson Anchorage 211N will be transloaded to Maunalei 182N, which will add a Dutch Harbor call with the same ETA of Friday night, September 9th.
  • As noted in our August 30 Advisory, RJ Pfeiffer will replace Maunalei from September 9th until Matson Kodiak returns in mid-October.

We thank you again for your patience and support

If you have any Question, Please contact your Transportation Consultant or Customer Service Team  at (800) 642-6664.

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