Alaska Service Announcement: TOTE LNG Conversion Single Sailing Schedule Update

Valued Customers of American Fast Freight, Inc., please view the latest announcement from TOTE:

To give the crew of the Midnight Sun more time to test the new LNG functionality, TOTE is going to move the final 2 Single Sailing weeks out by 1 week.

The net effect of the schedule change will be 5 weeks of dual TOTE sailings (Feb and early March) before the final 2 weeks of single TOTE sailings mid-March.

As an advance notice please review the below changed schedule:


  • Friday, March 4th: NB Midnight Sun v.22035 (added sailing)
  • Friday, March 11th: No NB sailing, as previously planned
  • Friday, March 18th: No NB sailing, v.22043 cancelled
  • Friday, March 25th: Resume regular NB Midnight Sun sailings, v.22047


  • Tues, March 8th: SB Midnight Sun v.22036 (added sailing)
  • Tues, March 15th: No SB sailing, as previously planned
  • Tues, March 22nd: No SB sailing, v.22044 cancelled

If you have any questions, please contact your Transportation Consultant or Customer Service at (800) 642-6664.

Thank you for your business!

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