Alaska Vessel Delay: Effective Saturday, September 14, 2019

Valued Customers of American Fast Freight, Inc.

Matson has communicated the following update regarding the Matson Kodiak 124N Operational Plan:

Lihue (LHE264N) repairs were completed and the vessel departed Tacoma on Friday morning.  LHE264N is currently expected to arrive Anchorage on Tuesday, September 17.

Matson Kodiak (MKD124N) departed Tacoma last night and is also enroute to Anchorage for an on-time pro forma arrival on Tuesday morning, September 17.

With both ships approaching the Port of Alaska within a similar timeframe, Matson Kodiak (MKD124N) will be worked in Anchorage first to preserve pro forma schedule. We plan an 0700 cargo start on Tuesday, September 17, with cargo available at 0800. The gate will be open for regular Tuesday operations. MKD124S will call on Kodiak and Dutch Harbor prior to return to Tacoma.

Lihue (LHE264N) will be worked on Wednesday, September 18. At this time, we plan an 0800 cargo operations start, with cargo available at 1000. The gate will be open on Wednesday from 0700 to 1800, and from 1900 throughout operations.

LHE264S will bypass Kodiak and return directly to Tacoma following cargo operations. Kodiak cargo that was booked to LHE264N was relayed to Matson Kodiak (MKD124N) and will be arriving in Kodiak on Wednesday, September 18.

We apologize again for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions, please contact your Transportation Consultant or Customer Service at 800.642.6664.

Thank you for your business.

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