Alaska Service Announcement: Severe Weather Delay – MAC133N

February 3, 2019

Valued Customers of American Fast Freight, Inc., please view the latest announcement from Matson:

Please be advised Matson Anchorage 133N departed Tacoma Saturday evening as planned and is currently en route to Anchorage.

Heavy seas anticipated during the northbound voyage will delay the ETA previously advised. At this time we plan a 0900 cargo operations start in Anchorage on Wednesday, February 5, with cargo available at 1030. The gate will open at 0700 and will remain open through lunch and after dinner as needed.

MAC133S will call on Kodiak and Dutch Harbor prior to returning to Tacoma.

This projection is based upon current weather conditions. We will update this information if there are any further developments.

Thank you for your business.

American Fast Freight, Inc.
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