Slowdown at US/Mexico Border

Due to a shifting of CBP personnel along the US-Mexican border, widespread delays in transportation services at the points of entry are currently being experienced. Trade between the US and Mexico amounts to roughly $617B annually, with around 57% ($347B) of goods traded coming from Mexico to the US. Over-the-road points of entry along the… Continue Reading

Nearshoring in Mexico 7/31/2015

According to the latest US/NAFTA freight numbers released by the US Bureau of Transportation, US trade with Mexico has continued to grow over the past ten years with US/Mexico freight Value increasing 100.5% from 2004 to 2014. A breakdown of the 2014 modal shares for this freight are: Truck: 67.5% Rail: 13.8% Vessel: 12.2% Air:… Continue Reading

U.S. to Open Border to Mexican Carriers

The Department of Transportation announced Friday, January 9th that the United States will start accepting applications from Mexican carriers to provide long-haul cargo delivery across the border. The announcement came after the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration submitted its final report to Congress on the three-year border pilot program set up to test the agency’s… Continue Reading

Streamlined Shipping Across Canadian Border is Possible

Canada is the United States’ top trading partner, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, with $597.4 billion in total trade in 2011. That is 16.2 percent of the U.S. total trade. China follows Canada at 13.6 percent. All that volume, however, does not mean that shipping across the Canadian border happens seamlessly. A recent article in Inbound… Continue Reading