First Impressions Last: Chemical Sampling Efficiencies

If you’re selling chemicals, then you know how important it is to your business to have an efficient sampling process In a recent survey of sample end-users, 95% of respondents reported that they “rarely or never” purchase chemicals without first testing a sample – efficiency, then, is clearly an imperative to the success your programs…. Continue Reading

North American HazMat Update

The Outlook: Economic growth, especially in the chemical sector is expected to continue. Some experts even predict the US chemical market to out-pace GDP growth through 2021. This is keeping capacity tight and will further intensify the current crunch for the foreseeable future in the bulk industry. As tight as the bulk sector is at… Continue Reading

Severe Weather Alert: Transportation Impacts 09/12/2017

Irma weakened to a tropical depression Monday night, with 35 mph winds and heavy rainfall as it continued northwest along its path. As Florida begins to assess damage left by Irma, officials in Georgia expanded the state of emergency to include all counties as the state grappled with flooding and power outages. Despite Irma’s westward… Continue Reading

Severe Weather Alert: Transportation Impacts 09/11/2017

As Hurricane Irma lays its assault on the Florida peninsula, it threatens the region’s primary commerce corridors with tropical conditions forecasted to reach Memphis and Charlotte over the next few days. Also, Harvey relief efforts may be impacted by the latest storm. Recovery from both systems could last months. Transportation Mode Updates from Carrier Assessments… Continue Reading

Severe Weather Alert: Transportation Impacts 09/08/2017

The catastrophic flooding that followed Hurricane Harvey had a major impact on families and businesses in Texas and parts of Louisiana. Over the past two weeks much work has been done to restore service in the affected areas but there remains progress to be made, particularly in places like Houston where the damage was significant…. Continue Reading

Severe Weather Alert: Transportation Impacts 09/07/2017

Recovery efforts are ongoing in Texas-Louisiana and travel remains limited in some areas. Progress is evident in the reopening of terminals, quick repairs to rail lines, and a return to more normal vessel operations. However, a long, costly road to recovery lies ahead. In anticipation of Hurricane Irma, some service has been disrupted in Florida…. Continue Reading

Hurricane Harvey: Transportation Impacts 09/06/2017

The destruction that resulted from Hurricane Harvey is expected to make the storm one of the costliest natural disasters in US history, according to a USA Today report. Even with recovery efforts well underway, it will likely take people and businesses in the hardest hit areas months, even years, to rebuild. Flood conditions across southeast… Continue Reading

Hurricane Harvey: Transportation Impacts 09/05/2017

Texas continues to assess the destruction of Hurricane Harvey more than a week after its initial landfall. Neighborhoods remain severely flooded and thousands of people remained in shelters through the storm-ravaged parts of Texas and Louisiana. Transportation Mode Updates from Carrier Assessments Freight activity has resumed in some parts of the affected area, with drivers… Continue Reading

Hurricane Harvey: Transportation Impacts 09/01/2017

The Texas Coast and parts of western Louisiana have been left in dire conditions one week after Hurricane Harvey made its initial landfall, devastating the region. Record rainfall inundated the area since Friday and the long-term consequences have yet to be realized as companies check in on staff, assess damage, and prepare for recovery. Transportation… Continue Reading