Supply Chain Cost Reduction Tops Manufacturing List

While rapidly changing supply chain logistics has companies racing to keep up, cost reduction tops the manufacturing wish list. IDC Manufacturing Insights‘ 2012 U.S. Supply Chain survey of 350 companies ranks manufacturing priorities as 1) cost-reduction (80 percent), 2) supply chain agility (55 percent), and 3) product quality improvement and safety (52 percent). Although manufacturers view… Continue Reading

Natural Disasters: Logistics Key to Supply Chain Response

Natural disasters are a part of life.  With their earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes, Japan, New Zealand and the U.S. surely have had their share.  There are other disasters as well, such as the explosion and fire at a chemical plant in Mari, Germany in March 2012. Although the greatest, most tragic outcome of all disasters… Continue Reading

LogiChem 2012 Conference Focuses on Supply Chain Volatility

A common word used to describe today’s global supply chain is volatility.  It is a familiar topic for the chemical industry and one LogiChem 2012, the 11th Annual Chemical Supply Chain & Global Logistics Conference, put center-stage. The three-day conference held in April in Antwerp, Belgium, assembled top experts from the chemical and supply chain… Continue Reading

When Shipping Overcapacity Has Different Stories

Ask the customers who just had their cargo rolled off a ship about overcapacity. Odds are you will hear a very different story from the one the steamship lines report. Overcapacity is the talk of the shipping world, especially in the China to Europe trade lanes. Too many ships and not enough demand tumbled freight rates to lows… Continue Reading