Slowdown at US/Mexico Border

Due to a shifting of CBP personnel along the US-Mexican border, widespread delays in transportation services at the points of entry are currently being experienced. Trade between the US and Mexico amounts to roughly $617B annually, with around 57% ($347B) of goods traded coming from Mexico to the US. Over-the-road points of entry along the… Continue Reading

Charleston Harbor Deepening Project Receives $138M in Presidential Funding

The Charleston Harbor Deepening Project has received Congressional funding from the Trump Administration to the tune of $138M as part of the administration’s Fiscal Year 2020 Budget. The project, which will allow the passage of 14,000 to 18,000 TEU container ships drafting over 50 feet to safely pass through the port, has been met with… Continue Reading

Ongoing Port of Montreal Labor Negotiations

Port of Montreal ILA Votes in Support of Strike Mandate Longshoreman at the Port of Montreal, Canada’s second-largest port, have voted almost unanimously in support of giving Union leadership the option to strike at any point during ongoing contract negotiations. Negotiations between the Local 1657 branch of the International Longshoremen’s Association (Montreal Checkers and Coopers)… Continue Reading

Severe Weather Alert: Transportation Impacts 09/12/2017

Irma weakened to a tropical depression Monday night, with 35 mph winds and heavy rainfall as it continued northwest along its path. As Florida begins to assess damage left by Irma, officials in Georgia expanded the state of emergency to include all counties as the state grappled with flooding and power outages. Despite Irma’s westward… Continue Reading

Severe Weather Alert: Transportation Impacts 09/07/2017

Recovery efforts are ongoing in Texas-Louisiana and travel remains limited in some areas. Progress is evident in the reopening of terminals, quick repairs to rail lines, and a return to more normal vessel operations. However, a long, costly road to recovery lies ahead. In anticipation of Hurricane Irma, some service has been disrupted in Florida…. Continue Reading

Hurricane Harvey: Transportation Impacts 09/06/2017

The destruction that resulted from Hurricane Harvey is expected to make the storm one of the costliest natural disasters in US history, according to a USA Today report. Even with recovery efforts well underway, it will likely take people and businesses in the hardest hit areas months, even years, to rebuild. Flood conditions across southeast… Continue Reading

Hurricane Harvey: Transportation Impacts 09/01/2017

The Texas Coast and parts of western Louisiana have been left in dire conditions one week after Hurricane Harvey made its initial landfall, devastating the region. Record rainfall inundated the area since Friday and the long-term consequences have yet to be realized as companies check in on staff, assess damage, and prepare for recovery. Transportation… Continue Reading

Hurricane Harvey: Transportation Impacts 08/30/2017

Hurricane Harvey will have a significant effect on the transportation industry in the coming weeks, the largest of which will primarily be regionalized. Analysts predict that Harvey will likely be far more impactful to the freight markets than other major hurricanes had been previously. It may be a while before the totality of the damage… Continue Reading

Hurricane Harvey: Transportation Impacts 08/29/2017

Hurricane Harvey continues to have a big effect on people and businesses near the South Texas coast. This impact includes the freight transportation industry which is currently experiencing major disruptions to include the following: Halted traffic due to flooded roadways and damaged infrastructure Suspended rail service Closures of regional shipping terminals and ports Chaotic supply… Continue Reading

Hurricane Harvey – Transportation Impacts: 08/28/2017

Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath are interrupting truck, rail, sea, and air transport, as well as activity at warehouses and chemical plants in the impacted area. The return to normal operations after a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey can take time. Operational/service impacts from road closures and blockades, equipment relocation, infrastructure damage, and customer operations… Continue Reading