Sample Programs
Sample Center Program:

Over the past two decades we have processed millions of chemical sample orders from our state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution sites strategically located in the U.S. and Europe.

Using the latest technology in distribution logistics and our proprietary software systems, we handle everything in the chemical samples process, from order processing, labeling, material handling to inventory management and client reporting.

Order Entry

We’ll take it from here. Once the product arrives at our facility, it is entered into our state-of-the-art tracking and processing system. We provide the highest possible quality control available in the sample fulfillment industry, because chemical samples are all we do.

Product specifications are entered into our inventory system, and bar codes are created and applied to the product. We also monitor the product’s shelf life in our inventory system.


Never worry about inventory management again. We handle everything from monthly forecasting, to monitoring expiration dates, to ordering more product when stock gets low. Let CMC handle the storage requirements. The product will be stored in the appropriate temperature-controlled or segregated hazard area for that particular chemical.

We offer flammable, oxidizer, clean room, refrigerated or freezer storage as required. CMC meets all National Fire Protection Association Standards.


The products are packaged into sample containers that meet the appropriate specifications. CMC clients select from over 175 containers, or we will source a special package at their request. Labels include the company name, logo, text and lot number.

Our electronic Sample Guide system provides detailed handling, quality, packaging and shipping instructions for each product. We also provide several options for producing client product labels at our facilities.

Oder Processing

Chemical Marketing Concepts will establish a dedicated 800 number for the client and take orders directly from their customers. The calls are answered by our courteous and professional customer service representatives using the client’s company name so that our involvement is transparent to their customers. Orders may also be received through our secure chemical samples order website.

CMC also accepts orders via e-mail or from our clients’ websites. CMC captures all marketing data, including market area, application, source of the call, quality concerns, hot prospects, requests for technical assistance or literature, phone number and e-mail. CMC reduces needed manpower and fixed costs by freeing personnel to focus on taking and servicing revenue orders, instead of requests for chemical samples.

Freight Logistics

All shipping services are not created equal. Expertise and insight are needed to navigate this industry. For example, few know that Federal Express will not ship white powder to India, but DHL will. Chemical Marketing Concepts is familiar with carrier regulations and limitations, and we know which is best suited for each type of shipment based on destination and chemical classification. CMC ships both hazardous and non-hazardous products to domestic and international destinations. All shipments comply with appropriate transportation regulations. CMC employees are trained and certified for small package chemical shipments.

We provide all required documentation and labeling. Chemical Marketing Concepts provides comprehensive shipping reports and reconciles freight accounts to ensure that clients are receiving the services paid for and are being invoiced correctly. Take advantage of our repackaging and shipping expertise. We’ll do more than fill sample requests. Chemical Marketing Concepts can also assist in packaging and shipping of small revenue orders. Our client’s customers can pay by credit card, or clients can set up an entry port so that Chemical Marketing Concepts can do the billing directly on the client’s system.


We keep our client’s customers informed every step of the way. After an order is shipped, all related information such as carrier and tracking numbers are transferred into our database. A detailed e-mail confirmation is sent to them to let them know the sample is on the way! This email can be customize to include technical service and sales contact numbers for future reference. An additional copy of the e-mail can be sent to the sales or marketing personnel. We work with our clients to develop customized sample reporting for the specific program. Shipment data is available on our secure CustomerCenter web site and may be sorted and downloaded as needed.

The database contains all shipment data and may be sorted by application, product or sales territory. The product sample is often the first contact a potential customer has to observe a company’s product quality, packaging, labeling, shipping, communication and service capabilities. Each of your chemical samples is an opportunity to provide a good “first impression” to a prospective customer. Chemical Marketing Concepts was founded and remains singularly focused on providing unsurpassed service in chemical sampling and logistics for our clients.

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Small Package Program
Small Package Sales Program:

Clients can use our packaging and shipping expertise to fulfill their small package sales. We can turn a company’s small package sales into an efficient profit center. Sales prices are controlled by the client, and revenue in excess of our packaging costs and freight is profit for the client.

We provide all packaging and shipping services. We ensure that all shipments are properly packaged, labeled and documented. We make non-hazardous and hazardous shipments worldwide. Most small package revenue orders can be shipped within 24 hours.


We can provide the small package sales program from our facilities in New Milford, Connecticut, or Pueblo, Colorado. Orders can be taken by the client’s customer service group and forwarded to us for fulfillment. We can also receive orders on a dedicated order entry system and provide shipment details to generate an invoice.

We can also take these orders in our customer service center and process orders by credit card. This relieves customer service representatives from these small orders and eliminates the order from the internal order processing system.


Our EMEA operation can provide the small package sales program from our facility in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. Clients can transfer orders to our customer service department, and we will package and process the orders and all customs and export documents.

Our accounting group will generate an invoice for the shipment, including required VAT fees. Funds are collected and electronically transmitted to the client’s account.

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Our state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution sites are strategically located in the US, Europe and Asia.

• New Milford, Connecticut
• Waalwijk, Netherlands
• Shanghai, China

New Milford
New Milford, CT:

Our corporate headquarters in New Milford, Connecticut, is one hour from New York’s JFK International Airport.

This 100,000-square-foot/9,290-square-meter facility includes self-contained chemical, hazardous, freezer and refrigerated storage, as well as an FDA-approved clean room.

Waalwijk, Netherlands:

Our Waalwijk facility in The Netherlands gives our clients a global presence in the EMEA region.

Centrally located 18 miles/29 kilometers from Rotterdam, this facility provides complete sample fulfillment services in compliance with European packaging, labeling and shipping regulations.

Shanghai, China:

The Shanghai location extends our global capabilities to the APAC region.

Like all of our facilities, our Shanghai location upholds our high global standards and follows our well-proven chemical sampling process.

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