Sample Fulfillment: Small Package Sales Program


  • Clients can use our packaging and shipping expertise to fulfill their small package sales. CMC can turn a company’s small package sales into an efficient profit center. Sales prices are controlled by the client, and revenue in excess of CMC packaging costs and freight is profit for the client. CMC provides all packaging and shipping services. We ensure that all shipments are properly packaged, labeled and documented. We make non-hazardous and hazardous shipments worldwide. Most small package revenue orders can be shipped within 24 hours.

United States:

  • CMC can provide the small package sales program from our facilities in New Milford, Connecticut, or Pueblo, Colorado. Orders can be taken by the client’s customer service group and forwarded to CMC for fulfillment. CMC can also receive orders on a dedicated order entry system and provide shipment details to generate an invoice.
  • We can also take these orders in our customer service center and process orders by credit card. This relieves customer service representatives from these small orders and eliminates the order from the internal order processing system.


  • CMCE can provide the small package sales program from our facility in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. Clients can transfer orders to our customer service department, and we will package and process the orders and all customs and export documents. Our accounting group will generate an invoice for the shipment, including required VAT fees. Funds are collected and electronically transmitted to the client’s account.
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