Odyssey’s Optimizes Your Supply Chain

Odyssey Managed Logistics Services control tower approach strategically and safely manages and optimizes every aspect of logistics and supply chain operations.  Our Door-to-Done® process takes care of everything from Point A to Point Z, providing our clients control, 24/7 visibility, informed decision-making, ongoing process improvements, sustained cost savings and superior value.

Our deep bench of  experience and supplier network allows our clients to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing Odyssey can manage the most challenging issues and unstable conditions—regardless of the size, contents or destination of a load.

Our thorough analysis of our clients’ data, business processes and expenses enables us to design right-fit solutions that take into consideration optimal lane costs, shifting capacity and warehouse rationalization. Whether a client requires management of all or part of its supply chain and logistics, they receive the same level of care and expertise in every solution we provide.

For our customers, Door-to-Done means a custom-designed logistics solution that integrates multiple data points and provides real time intelligence, improving efficiency and saving money.

Is a control tower approach right for your business? 

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