Dense Fog in Northern China Causes Vessel Delays

The North Chinese ports of Shanghai and Ningbo are gradually reopening after a period of dense fog caused extensive delays, the effects of which we expect to be feeling for the weeks to come.

Reports indicate that an intense fog has been impacting the Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta area over the past two to three weeks. This has caused substantial disruptions to port operations and ocean carrier services. This past week, IHS Markit’s AIS ship tracking recorded eight vessels that have been at anchor for two days, four ships that have been anchored for three days, and seven that have been sitting at anchor for four days or more outside of the port of Shanghai, the world’s busiest container port (JOC). These delays will likely have a cascading effect on cargo offloading and posted schedules of vessels to/from the US and globally.

Port operations at both Wai Gao Qiao and Yangshan terminals in Shanghai are also gradually resuming. However, the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration has advised that it may take two to three weeks for operations to return to normal in Shanghai and customers can unfortunately expect delays to their shipments.

Odyssey is monitoring the situation and is working with steamship line partners to keep stakeholders informed.