Odyssey’s Bulk Divisions Honored for Safe and Secure Transportation

The DOW Chemical Company (DOW) has recognized both  Linden Bulk Transportation LLC and Optimodal, Inc., subsidiaries of Odyssey Logistics & Technology, with their North America Gold Road Carrier Safety/ Security Award for the safe and secure transportation of Dow products from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.  These awards exemplify Odyssey’s commitment to providing the highest level of safety and service in challenging markets, and we are proud to be a recipient of this prestigious honor. 

The structure for Dow’s North America Road Carrier Safety Award follows: DOW’s Gold Road Carrier Safety/ Security Award

  • The award is based on Dow data for mileage, shipment count, and incident history;
  • Carriers do not need to apply; they are eligible if they meet Dow’s criteria;
  • Only carriers contracted directly by Dow will be eligible.  Note: 3PLs are encouraged to establish/ maintain a safety award program, which they will administer.
  • All carriers who meet Dow’s criteria receive the award;
  • Awards will be distributed on an annual basis;
  • Awards are based on Dow arranged shipments only;
  • Carriers must be among the group of carriers who transport 90% of Dow shipments for the geography (excluding 3PL arranged shipments);
  • Awards will be granted at two levels:
    • Gold – No Serious, Moderate or Minor Carrier Caused Transportation Incidents;
    • Silver – No Serious or Moderate Carrier Caused Transportation Incidents (meets Dow’s 2025 Transportation Safety Goal), and no more than one Carrier Caused Minor incident/10,000 shipments.

In the 2020-2021 logistics marketplace, capacity has been consistently tight across all sectors, particularly in those handling the transport of hazardous- and non-hazardous chemicals. When emergency capacity is needed, it is often difficult to find. Odyssey has positioned itself as one of the industry’s leading full-service bulk tank and intermodal bulk chemical ISO tank providers  for both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Odyssey has an extreme focus on safety and is honored to receive DOW’s Gold Road Carrier Safety/ Security Award.