Flatbed and Warehouse (ADS Logistics Co, LLC): Drive For Area

Area Transportation has employed some of the highest-quality steel haulers since 1978. Our pay and benefits package for company drivers is unmatched by any other carrier. We offer the highest pay, affordable full health benefits, matching 401k, vacation and holiday pay.

ADS has over 175 Peterbilt and Kenworth tractors and a variety of five-axle and heavy-haul trailers. Each truck is equipped with a PeopleNet device to ensure accurate dispatch. Our contractors receive top industry pay and are provided with PeopleNet units to avoid ever having to turn in trip reports.

Most of our drivers make it home during the week, and we make it a priority to get our drivers home to their families over the weekend. We offer weekly settlements, two full-service maintenance shops and a fuel pump at our headquarters. ADS is committed to providing the highest-quality customer services to our drivers through our caring and committed staff.

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Company Drivers:

ADS Logistics’ Area Transportation division has one of the trucking industry’s strictest driver qualification standards. We consider our drivers to be our most important human asset. Area Transportation hires only the safest professional drivers and rewards them with incentive bonuses tied to individual and Company performance as well as annual Safety Awards. All Area Transportation drivers earn paid vacations and holidays and are eligible for insurance (Health, Dental, Vision & Life) and our 401k plan with match.

> 27-32% of the line haul
> Full medical, vision, and dental insurance
> Matching 401k retirement program
> Well-maintained equipment with Peterbilt and Kenworth tractors. A variety of five-axle, heavy-haul and stretch trailers. Open flats, side kits and Conestogas available.
> Lease-purchase program for qualifying drivers
> Weekly settlements
> Safety and efficiency bonus
> Weekend home time and 2-3 days per week dependent on lane

Independent Contractors:

ADS Logistics offers some of the greatest benefit packages to our independent contractors in the supply chain management industry. Our independent contractors are qualified and experienced truckers who have maintained safe, professional reputations throughout their careers. Many of our independent contractors have a longstanding relationship with Area Transportation and enjoy being recognized for their outstanding performance.

> Contractors must pass our DOT inspection
> 76%-80% of the line haul
> 100% of FSC, detention, and no loads
> Ability to file under our IFTA with installation of a PeopleNet device that records fuel mileage. No more trip reports and the ability to receive dispatch information.
> Safety and efficiency bonuses up to 2%
> 2 in-house maintenance shop locations
> Weekly settlements
> Trailer rental available
> Weekend home time and 2-3 days per week dependent on lane

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