Easy Connections

Leading motorcycle manufacturers choose Odyssey to navigate products from points A. to B.

Andy’s nervous. “I’ve got three hours to get the tank in,” he tells Tim. “Won’t be much of a party if Dad can’t ride home!” “We’re good,” says Tim, owner of the motorcycle dealership, opening a window on his laptop. “The truck’s in Kenosha, delivery’s 11 am Friday. You want an update in the morning?”

“Nah,” Andy says, “just making sure. And, how about my bike?”

Tim changes screens. “Different shipper – coming from the airport, here at 2 pm. I’ll call you when they’re both here, how’s that?”

“Great,” says Andy. “You coming to the party?”

Leading motorcycle manufacturers want to know who is in control when they contact Odyssey about their ever-increasing logistics challenges. The answer is the client because Odyssey has married a sophisticated transportation database and network to responsive and personal service delivered by a single point of contact. Odyssey’s human-guided system optimizes and consolidates the thousands of variables affecting product delivery every day and the result is a reliable, cost-effective approach that puts the client’s needs first.

“Our clients know their businesses much better than we do,” says Jack Daniel, who manages the freight forwarding operations for Odyssey. Adds John Pas of Odyssey’s Capital Transportation Services subsidiary, “We start with what their customers need, and build a logistics plan around their requirements – street delivery because there’s no loading dock or TSA-certified shipper, and signed acceptances only after 5 pm. Each client is unique, of course, so the key is matching up their needs with our enormous database of shipping options so we can provide a menu of services at the best possible price.”

“The process is transparent – our clients, and their customers, know what we know, because the process is accessible by computer,” explains Jack. “So it’s highly automated – but our people are still there, we’re always watching things. What makes us unique is that we know when to use computers, and when to pick up the phone.”

For both prospective and current clients, Odyssey:

  • Takes the time to learn the client’s culture, to understand its unique needs
  • Performs a logistics audit identifying inefficiencies and the potential for streamlined processes and new opportunities for savings or consolidation
  • Leverages Odyssey’s experience in varied industries, to determine which logistical approaches can be adapted to a particular business
  • Manages information, so clients can follow inbound and outbound shipments in real time
  • Provides freight-forwarding and shipping solutions throughout the world
  • Aids in decision-making through structuring of relevant data, which is both comprehensive and constantly updated
  • Is always available, because information is only useful if it can be interpreted correctly. Odyssey is dedicated to “minding the store” while clients attend to their core businesses.

Tim was late to the party since he had to finish up payroll – but arrived in time to see Andy’s father kick-start the motorcycle, don his new gloves, and rev up the 650 cc. “Pretty slick,” Tim said. “Was he surprised?” Andy laughed. “Yeah, said it was the first time I’d finished something on time since grade school. I owe you one!”

“Just doing my job,” said Tim, grinning. “Making you look good, it’s what I do.”