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Yes. Odyssey is a global logistics company offering a variety of international logistics services including: Import customs clearance and domestic forwarding, export freight forwarding, as well as freight audit and pay. Odyssey’s family of industry leading companies provides a complete suite of international services: Odyssey International LLC is a licensed export freight forwarder managing exports to more than 100 companies.  International Forwarders, Inc. (IFI) provides export freight forwarding and customs brokerage services to companies worldwide.

Odyssey Logistics & Technology takes very seriously its responsibility for safety in all aspects of its business and operations.  At all levels of the organization, we are committed to uphold the highest standards with regard to safety, health, the environment, and security. As a statement of our commitment, Odyssey has adopted the Corporate Policy set forth here. Odyssey has also been accepted into the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® partnership program and has adopted the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® guiding principles.

Yes. A logistics company with broad reach, Odyssey manages every aspect of the logistics supply chain – from inbound sourcing and delivery logistics through outbound shipment, handling, consolidation, deconsolidation, distribution and delivery of end products. Services range from truck, rail and multimodal transportation to freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and import and export services across borders and between North America and ports throughout the world. Additionally, Odyssey offers sample and small shipment distribution to locations anywhere in the world.

Partnering with Odyssey delivers leverage across an enormous network of carriers. Currently, we transport $60 billion in cargo across the industrial and the consumer products sectors, and that dollar value and diversity in markets continue to grow. As a logistics company with contacts for more than 500,000 over-the-road lanes and service in over 100 ports, national and international, we’re facilitating the growth of our clients.

Except for Optimodal, Odyssey FoodTrans, and ADS Logistics, Odyssey arranges the movement of our clients’ goods in client- or carrier-owned equipment. And, by including carriers already being used by our clients into our network model, we have the ability to negotiate better rates for clients and benefit carriers at the same time, remaining neutral and free of any potential conflicts of interest. This approach also expands our capacity, broadening our access to carriers and enabling us to design efficient routes and respond swiftly to issues that may challenge the on-time delivery of products to our clients’ customers.

Odyssey’s family of industry leading companies provides a complete suite of domestic and international logistics services. With more than a century of experience among them, the company’s team of industry veterans offers logistics company and consultative expertise that extends reach and delivers competitive advantage. Our subsidiaries include Capital Transportation Solutions LLC (CTS), Chemical Marketing Concepts LLC (CMC), CMI Logistics LLC (CMI), Interdom LLC, International Forwarders, Inc. (IFI), Odyssey FoodTrans LLC, Optimodal, Inc., Odyssey Overland LLC, Linden Bulk Transportation and Alternative Distribution Systems Logistics Co., Inc. (ADS Logistics)

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) extends the Responsible Care ethic and management practices through the entire chemical supply chain
The American Chemistry Council (ACC) extends the Responsible Care ethic and management practices through the entire chemical supply chain.
SmartWay helps a logistics company assess, calculate and track the impact of transport decisions on carbon emissions and the environment
An EPA – Industry partnership launched in 2004 in which logistics companies, shippers and carriers voluntarily self-regulate and commit to using equipment that meets increased fuel efficiency and decreased carbon emissions specifications. The collaboration helps the environment and lowers costs.
Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism supports the highest level of cargo security throuhh its strategic partnership
The ‘Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism’ program initiated in 2001 that was designed to support the highest level of cargo security through strategic importers (road, rail, sea) broker partnerships through actions that improve security without hampering international trade.