Flooding Possible as Hurricane Joaquin Stays Offshore

As hurricane Joaquin leaves the Bahamas, it is currently not forecast to make landfall in the continental US.  However, this does not mean that East Coast states will remain untouched.

Dangerous coastal and inland flooding is still expected for several states along the U.S. East Coast through the weekend. The governors of New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia have all issued their own states of emergency and CNN reports that, “flood advisories and warnings stretch from North Florida to Connecticut and as far west as parts of West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.”

Significant disruption in the form of road closings and road delays may be expected in these areas.

4 tips to help prepare your supply chain to deal with weather issues such as Joaquin:

  1. Monitor weather reports online to see what areas are potentially going to be hit while taking into consideration the route and expected destination of the load.
  2. Utilize transportation providers that have the size and scale to handle extra freight volume when capacity becomes scarce.
  3. Consider taking advantage of a broad selection of services in modes outside the one you’re accustomed to shipping in to secure more capacity.
    • For example, if you normally are shipping bulk over the road, you may want to explore intermodal options.
  4. Provide as much lead time on loads as possible (especially during hurricane season) so that all potential options can be explored.

Weather has and always will be a factor when it comes to transportation. It’s important for logistics planners to proactively strategize and take the time to determine if their current supply chain strategy could weather the storm. Odyssey will continue to monitor Hurricane Joaquin and provide updates as needed.