Fuel Related Surcharge Increase – Hawaii / Guam / Micronesia 07/01/2022

Valued Customers:

Announcement from Matson 06/30/2022

Global supply and demand pressures on oil markets have continued to drive up fuel prices substantially since our last surcharge increase, announced May 19. As a result, Matson will increase its Fuel Related Surcharge (FRSC) effective Sunday, July 31, 2022. The surcharge for Hawaii service will increase from 48.5% to 54.0%; for Guam/CNMI service, it will increase from 49.5% to 55.0%; and for Micronesia service, it will increase from 53.5% to 59.0%.

We understand and are concerned about the significant impact fuel prices are having on our customers. Matson continues to invest in technology that moderates the impact, including the installation of exhaust cleaning scrubbers on several of our vessels. We have also announced the conversion of two vessels, Daniel K Inouye and Manukai, to dual fuel operation with the addition of LNG capabilities next year.

Matson will continue its longstanding practice of giving customers 30 days’ notice for upward rate adjustments and passing along decreases as soon as possible. As always, we will continue to monitor trends in fuel costs closely and adjust the surcharge accordingly.

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