Congressional Spending Bill Suspends Some Hours of Service Provisions 12/16/14

Congress has passed the $1.1 trillion spending bill that includes a suspension of some of the more restrictive elements of FMCSA’s 2013-implemented hours of service rule for truck operators at least until September 30th, 2015. President Barack Obama has already voiced his support for the bill and it is expected to be signed into law in the coming days.

Rules that will change:

  • Drivers will no longer need to spend two consecutive 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. periods off-duty when taking a 34-hour restart.
  • Restrictions limiting drivers to one 34-hour restart within 168 hours or seven days will be suspended.

Rules that will stay:

  • The 11-hour driving time limit
  • 14-hour work day
  • Mandatory half-hour break

The bill also directs the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to initiate a “study of the operational, safety, health and fatigue impacts of the restart provisions.” The suspension will last until September 30th of next year or until the FMCSA finishes the study and can prove to Congress that the hours of service rules should be put back into place.

Hours of Service

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