How a Multimodal Partner Keeps Supply Chains Afloat

In an isolated shipping environment like Hawaii, experienced, local freight forwarding partners can be the difference between on-time deliveries and late shipments.

For years, many businesses operating on the islands have relied on a handful of providers to cover their supply chain needs across ocean, trucking, and rail modes. In recent years, however, the inefficiencies associated with stitched-together supply chain strategies have led to service disruptions.

Utilizing a multimodal partner with boots-on-the-ground experience lets customers leverage a much larger footprint. Consolidated shipping networks represent the key to addressing challenges in Hawaii. As businesses seek to future-proof their shipping strategies, aligning with a multimodal service provider will increase access to the end-to-end visibility and the capacity they need to move cargo on time and on budget.

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Kevin Kelly
President, Freight Forwarding Division
Odyssey Logistics