ILWU PMA Negotiations Continue, Trade Groups Urge Progress

Much of the industry was hopeful when The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service announced on January 5th that the ILWU PMA contract negotiations for the West Coast ports would be held under its auspices. However, since the addition of the federal mediator no progress has been reported and some say the situation has even escalated, with both the PMA and ILWU issuing accusatory press releases last week.

ilwu PMA

Hoping to apply pressure on the two parties to reach an agreement, a letter signed by 175 trade groups was sent to the ILWU and PMA leadership on Friday, January 16th. Citing concern about the negative economic impact the uncertainty surrounding the negotiations was creating for businesses, the groups asked for “a renewed commitment to stay the course, complete the contract negotiations as soon as possible and work to resolve the current congestion issues without further interrupting the flow of commerce.”

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