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Case Study

On-ramp to State-of-The-Art Sample Handling, Greater Transparency & Green Advances


To think of Netherlands-based specialty chemical distributor IMCD as the middleman between principal chemical suppliers and manufacturers of chemical products, is a dramatic understatement. IMCD – a global leader in the marketing, distribution and formulation of specialty chemicals and ingredients – grows markets for its suppliers and functions as an extended sales organization for specialty chemical manufacturers. With a focus on the industrial and life science sectors, IMCD is the bridge to chemical samples that are sent all over the world – which spur innovation in advanced materials, coating & construction, home care and I&I, lubricants & energy, synthesis, beauty & personal care, food & nutrition, and pharmaceutical products.


As complex as product development can be, getting chemical samples into the hands of product developers is tricky business. The samples must arrive in good condition and include all necessary paperwork and technical documentation. They also need to arrive quickly, or the sales opportunity could be lost. For years, IMCD catered to the dedicated sample space through their third-party logistics service providers across a multitude of European countries. But these larger warehouses, predominantly used for handling of its regular business, did not consider small sample handling a core part of their business. As result, IMCD was not able to obtain the required service for adequate sample handling. Also, the arrangement did not meet the IMCD digital requirements going forward.

Due to significant growth of its business over the last couple of years, including the absorption of sample setups of acquired companies, IMCD started to lose visibility on sample management and transparency on the consolidated handling process.

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