Industries of Expertise: Industrial/ Manufacturing

Industrial Logistics

An extensive carrier network enables Odyssey to cost-effectively optimize manufacturers’ industrial logistics needs

The supply chain challenges that industrial manufacturers face are increasing, especially for those with global operations. Shorter product lifecycles mean even shorter lead times. Pressures to uncover and exploit optimization opportunities within the labor and supply chain continue.  The tolerance for risk is disappearing and, in this hyper competitive landscape, the mandate to exceed customers’ industrial logistics demands is at its strongest.

Odyssey’s practical, proven expertise will help our customers handle the most difficult logistics issues and ensures that industry best practices will be used in applying our solutions. Our unparalleled multi-modal carrier network delivers flexibility, agility, and reduces costs. Our industry experts and global technology platform are the backbone of the efficient solutions and competitive edge we offer to manufacturers. Our comprehensive data collection and analysis capabilities translate into optimization of delivery routes and freight spend across modes.