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Case Study

Innospec Overcomes Growing Logistics Complexity


Innospec, a global specialty chemistry company, has manufacturing plants, research centers and additional facilities in 23 countries. Its customers use the chemicals, additives and formulations that Innospec provides to innovate in a wide range of industries including agrochemicals, construction, fuel, home care, metal extraction, oilfield, personal care, and polymers and waxes.


This innovation starts with one seemingly simple step for Innospec—getting chemical samples into the hands of its customers and prospects. For years, Performance Chemicals (EMEA) at Innospec gathered, packaged and shipped its samples using in-house resources or outsourced partners. But as Innospec grew and acquired more companies around the world, its sample fulfillment needs grew more complex. Each country had its own customs requirements, freight costs, border controls, etc. to navigate. And some shipments were taking two to three weeks to arrive at a customer’s lab for testing—risking that the business could go to a competitor who delivered faster.

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