Food Grade ISO Tank (FoodTrans): Aseptic Capabilities

Odyssey FoodTrans aseptic tank solutions provide product safety and quality as well as supply chain efficiency

Product Quality:

You can count on aseptic tanks maintaining consistent premium product quality. Our stainless steel tanks are made with the highest-quality materials dedicated to the safe and hygienic transport of food-grade products.

Additionally, by going aseptic, you maintain your product’s purity by reducing stressful processes such as double pasteurization, which can modify color, aroma and flavor, and destroy nutrients and active principles.

Food Safety:

Aseptic is not only synonymous with quality, but also safety. By transporting aseptically, the quality of your product can be expressed in terms of grades and levels. Taking out variables of the end product allows a higher level of safety and guarantees the best results.

All our aseptic tanks are tested, certified and approved by issue of a safety certificate (CSC), while the bins and bag in the box systems require no test regulation.

Product Integrity:

It can be said that the less a product is handled, the less the risk of contamination and exposure to external elements. Transporting your products via a single aseptic tank eliminates the headache of handling over a hundred drums, while still delivering a higher payload.

To enhance product integrity, our aseptic tanks are equipped with PLC devices, and pressure and temperature loggers are available to track product condition throughout the shipping cycle.

Supply Chain Efficiency:

The versatility of an aseptic tank allows it to travel by road, rail and sea, enabling us to provide a true door-to-door shipping solution designed to eliminate costly inefficiencies in your supply chain.

Also, transporting bulk aseptically eliminates the need for additional aseptic or pasteurization processing/storage facilities.

Reduce your capital investments by going aseptic!