Food-Grade ISO Tank (FoodTrans): Benefits of FoodTrans Services

Odyssey FoodTrans provides you with safe, efficient and consistent intermodal food transportation solutions.

The list below displays just a few Food-Grade ISO Tank benefits, from more carrying capacity to colder travel temperatures across long distances. If you have further questions about the potential benefits of Food-Grade ISO tank services, please reach our to one of our experts here. 

Increased Payload & Efficiency

A 20ft. box container can hold up to a maximum of 80 drums or 16,000L in total, while our 20ft. Odyssey FoodTrans tank can carry 24,000L. For the equivalent shipping space, tanks carry a far greater quantity of product, while also eliminating the time-consuming inefficiencies of drum filling, unloading and disposal.

Tanks save time and money!

Superior Temperature Performance

Inside a super-insulated tank containing FC orange juice that was transported from Florida to Hawaii, a data logger was fitted to monitor the temperature of the product throughout the logistic cycle. The logger registered the tank being loaded in Florida at 12°F (-11°C) and 20 days later, discharged in Hawaii at 22 ° F (-5.5 °C).

Our tanks experience as little as 0.5 ° F temperature gain per day!

Optional Advanced Refrigeration

Improve cold-chain management with our industry-leading refrigerated tanks. Reefer units are capable of maintaining product temperature from 15°F (-9.4°C ) to 38°F (3.3°C). Utilizing a standard electric plug, refrigerated tanks are able to keep the product chilled during road, rail and sea transit or as a low-cost cold static storage.


State-of-the-art technology, exceptional logistical service and the cost effectiveness of utilizing Odyssey FoodTrans tanks provides Meadow Gold Dairies a competitive edge in our industry.

Glenn Muranaka, President
Meadow Gold Dairies, Hawaii