Food Grade ISO Tank (Foodtrans): Chassis Trailer Spread Axle Specifications

Our chassis trailers are designed specifically for our intermodal tanks. The special lightweight design allows maximum payload while meeting DOT heavy-weight requirements.


Nominal Length43'
Nominal Width96''
King Pin Location16''
Rear Axle Location23 1/8'' Rear of Chassis
Fifth Wheel Height48''
Rear Deck Height44''
Landing Gear Location115''
Axle Spread109''
Tare Weight7.218 lbs (+/- 3%)(base unit only) 7.340 lbs (+/-3%) (tare weight w/ rear fanders)
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating63.000 lbs
Frame Rating80.000 lbs

General Specifications

MaterialsMain Rails are of high strength 80.000PSI, all others are of ASTM A572 Grade 50
Main RailsFabricated continuous I-Beam with ½`` x 4'' top and bottom flanges
Cross MembersFabricated I-Beam with construction
King Pin¼'' pickup plate with 2'' diameter king pin
Landing GearTwo-speed gears, 19'' Travel w/cushion foot
Twist locks4 AAR Approved Non-Retractable twistlock
SuspensionHutch 9700 Tandem Wide-Spread w/under mount hangers, Underslung 3-leaf spring
Axles71½'' Track w/medium cams, 5'' Round, 22.500 lbs each rated
Hubs & Drums 10 Hole steel hub and cast drums
Brakes16½'' x 7'' quick-change brakes with non-asbestos lining
Rims10-Hole steel disc wheel
Tires(8) 255/70R22.5 Low Pro Radials, 16 ply tires
Brake SystemValve system for service and emergency brakes
Electrical 2S/1M ABS system
Paint12 volt w/modular wiring and plug type connections and 7-way pin electrical plug for ABS system. Sealed wire Harnesses. Sealed grommets and lights
Misc.Enamel Champion Blue
OptionsConspicuity striping, Reflectors, Rubber bumpers, 24x30 Pratt mud flaps