Intermodal Metals (CMI Logistics LLC): Customized Intermodal Systems

Meeting Your Distribution Needs

As part of our Continuous Improvement philosophy, we constantly adapt to market conditions and listen to the voice of our customers to enhance our service offerings. The result is a seamless supply chain solution that provides you with:

  • Information driven by technology
  • Reliable on-time delivery performance
  • Damage-free delivery

Our solutions are tailored to the individual needs of our clients and their customers and based on shipping frequencies, lot sizes and equipment types.

Flexibility and customization are the keys for CMI’s customer relationships. Our business is built upon the design implementation and modification of a metals intermodal system that complements the logistics objectives and strategies of our customers.

CMI provides modal-shift analyses to determine if intermodal shipping is right for your business. The analyses examine a variety of factors, including but not limited to cost transit times and intermodal ramp locations.

Each intermodal program is unique. Working side-by-side with you, we determine:

  • Which transload facilities best meet their transit needs
  • The management of truck movements to and from those transload centers
  • The type of equipment their customers need to receive the material

From Anywhere to Anywhere

Our transload centers provide a competitive advantage and the ability to service even the most far-reaches of North America. For example, from Chicago, CMI can service markets in Calgary, Seattle, Denver, Oakland, Los Angeles, Memphis, Houston, Mexico, Montreal and Baltimore. From Memphis, you can reach Chicago, Calgary, Oakland Los Angeles and Mexico.

For a full understanding of the lanes and markets serviced by CMI click here to view a map.

From: To:
Baltimore: Chicago, Memphis, Mexico
Chicago: Calgary, Seattle, Denver, Oakland, Los Angeles, Memphis, Houston, Baltimore, Montreal, Mexico
Memphis: Chicago, Calgary, Oakland, Los Angeles, Mexico
Houston: Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico
Mexico: Chicago, Memphis
Calgary: Chicago, Memphis
Denver: Chicago
Seattle: Chicago, Hawaii
Oakland: Memphis, Chicago, Hawaii
Los Angeles: Mexico, Houston, Memphis, Chicago
Montreal: Chicago, Memphis, Mexico


For customers requiring small-lot, high-frequency releases, CMI will develop an intermodal distribution program under our Pipeline System that allows you to accomplish those just-in-time deliveries with minimal inventory carrying costs. The Pipeline System allows our customers to provide a continual flow of material to their consignees, while reducing inventory carrying costs for the shipper.