Odyssey Flexitank

Odyssey has combined its patented flexitank solutions with the resources of a strong North American intermodal network of customer service professionals, to provide its customers with a safe, reliable and cost-effective service.

Odyssey flexitanks, available in both 20 ft. and 40 ft., are constructed using the latest technology and materials, and have passed the most rigorous globally accepted testing. Our unique 40 ft. flexitank design, minimizes liquid dynamics and is the only AAR (American Association of Railroads) approved single compartment 40 ft. unit available on the market. This customized solution helps our customers reduce their carbon footprint while benefiting from a readily available supply of economically priced equipment.

Food-Grade Solutions 


Odyssey provides a flexitank solution to the food industry that is safe, sustainable, sanitary and cost-effective. Our flexitanks are designed to handle a wide range of free-flowing products. In addition, more viscous products can also be handled and discharged using the Odyssey Total Discharge Technology. Odyssey Flexitanks are designed and engineered to provide maximum discharge while preserving product quality for even the most difficult of products.

Non-Hazardous Chemical Solutions 


Odyssey provides a flexitank solution for free flowing non-hazardous chemical products that is safe, sustainable, sanitary and cost-effective. Leveraging Odyssey’s extensive chemical industry expertise, our Flexitanks are built with safety in mind, and constructed with durable, yet recyclable materials. Manufactured in a clean-room environment, Odyssey’s Flexitanks eliminate the possibility of contamination and ensure loaded product integrity. Odyssey’s Flexitanks are available for use in 20 and 40ft. containers and can move non-hazardous bulk liquid chemicals to and from key markets across North America.

The Odyssey Advantage

Odyssey builds specialized services and equipment to meet specific customer requirements.

Multiple factors such as product type and characteristics, loading and unloading facilities, transit time and traffic lane routing, play a role in the specifications and accessories used to customize your intermodal flexitank shipment. Whatever the requirements, Odyssey can design a specialized shipment and the equipment needed to successfully deliver your product safely and efficiently to its end destination.

Our expert engineers have developed a set of patented innovative features that are present in each and every Odyssey Flexitank move. These include: discharge valves, end closures, top sampling and insulation.

A Solution Full of Benefits



As an American Chemistry ACC Responsible Care partner, safety is the number one priority in all aspects of our business and operations. We are committed to upholding the highest standards with regards to safety, health, the environment and security at all levels.



The unique aspect of transporting bulk liquids using flexitanks, is a one-way transit. We avoid the empty back-haul transit, it is simply recycled decreasing you carbon footprint.


Product Integrity: 

Odyssey Flexitanks are designed to protect the integrity and quality of your products from door to door. Each flexitank manufactured in clean room environment to FDA, Canadian and European food directive standards.


Extensive Rail Network:

Odyssey flexitank services leverages its extensive North American rail contracts with the major Class 1 railroads. These contracts are backed by a nationwide network of offices and agents.


Additional Capacity:

We supplement long-haul bulk tank truck capacity with the ability to move flexitanks in intermodal containers on the domestic rail network. Odyssey flexitanks are can be held locally in the vicinity of the receiver.


Cost Savings:

The use of rail in a long-haul shipment combined with the patented design of Odyssey’s flexitank services significantly reduces costs for bulk liquid shippers.

The Gold Standard in Flexitanks: 

AAR (Association of American Railroads) Testing:

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