Food Grade ISO Tank (FoodTrans): Benefits of FoodTrans Services

Odyssey FoodTrans provides clients with safe, efficient and consistent intermodal food transportation solutions.

The list below displays just a few Food Grade ISO Tank Benefits, from more carrying capacity to colder travel temperatures across long distances. If you have further questions about the potential benefits of Food Grade ISO tank services please reach our to one of our experts here. 

Increased Payload & Efficiency

A 20’ box container can hold up to a maximum of 80 drums or 16,000 L in total, while our 20’ Odyssey FoodTrans tank can carry 24,000 L. For the equivalent shipping space, tanks carry a far greater quantity of product, while also eliminating the time-consuming inefficiencies of drum filling, unloading, and disposal.

Tanks save time and money!

Superior Temperature Performance

Inside a super-insulated tank containing FC Orange Juice that was transported from Florida to Hawaii, a data logger was fitted to monitor the temperature of the product throughout the logistic cycle. The logger registered the tank being loaded in Florida at 12°F (-11°C) and 20 days later, discharged in Hawaii at 22 ° F (-5.5 °C).

Our Tanks experience as little as 0.5 ° F temperature gain per day!

Optional Advanced Refrigeration

Improve cold-chain management with our industry-leading refrigerated tanks. Reefer units are capable of maintaining product temperature from 15°F (-9.4 °C ) to 38 °F(3.3 °C). Utilizing a standard electric plug, refrigerated tanks are able to keep the product chilled during road, rail and sea transit or as a low-cost cold static storage.


State of the art technology; exceptional logistical service; and cost effectiveness of utilizing Odyssey FoodTrans tanks, provides Meadow Gold Dairies a competitive edge in our industry.

Glenn Muranaka, President
Meadow Gold Dairies, Hawaii