Odyssey Flexitank Overview:

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (Odyssey) offers a breakthrough approach in the use of flexitanks. The introduction of a newly engineered patent-pending flexitank and Odyssey Total Discharge Technology provides a revolutionary approach to bulk liquid transportation and logistics.  Our innovative solution, designed to totally discharge and eliminate all residual product from the flexitank, provides the most efficient product yield available for both free flowing and viscous food-grade and non-hazardous chemical bulk liquids.


Our recyclable flexitanks offer an environmentally friendly option that enable shippers to move larger payloads of freight than traditional methods, and have a smaller carbon footprint.  Our service is backed by a global network of offices and agents ready to provide world-class customer support.


Specialized Containers:

To meet the unique requirements of our customers, Odyssey maintains its own fleet of shipping containers that are customized to deliver value-added services for a variety of sensitive products in multiple trade lanes. In some applications we fit our containers with specialized insulation. This equipment helps provide temperature control for “over-the-road” or “over-the-ocean” transportation. In any custom solution we offer, Odyssey delivers a cost effective solution that increases operational efficiency, reducing yield losses while providing flexitanks tailored to your needs.

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Total Discharge Technology:

For more than 30 years the discharge of a flexitank has remained essentially unchanged.  Odyssey, with our team of innovative logistics experts and engineers, has developed a revolutionary new solution and approach.  Our patent-pending Odyssey Total Discharge Technology system enables optimal liquid discharge using a mechanical extracting process. Product is stripped from the inner layer of the flexitank and channeled to the discharge valve until completely empty.

Features and benefits include:

  • Complete product discharge
  • Accelerated discharge time
  • Compatibility with existing unloading equipment
  • Unloading on any surface (even or uneven)
  • Minimum setup times
  • Non-labor intensive- unload the Flexitank with the push of button

The Odyssey Total Discharge Technology is offered as part of the Odyssey flexitank logistics solution. In addition to having access to leading-edge capabilities, customers will have 24/7 support from our dedicated team of experts.


Specialized Construction of Flexitanks:

Odyssey’s patent-pending flexitanks are designed and engineered to provide maximum discharge while preserving product quality and providing an unparalleled ease of use.

Key features include:

  • Centralized discharge valve to improve product flow
  • Valve design and tank construction prevents discharge blockage
  • Safety Bulkheads allowing “doors open” load and discharge
  • Sampling port for quick and easy product extraction
  • Sterility
    • Manufactured in clean room environment
    • Built to FDA, Canadian and European food directive standards
    • Kosher certified
    • Halal certified
  • Durability:
    • Meets and exceeds COA requirements
    • Built in PAS 1008 certified facility
    • AAR impact testing pending


For more information about our flexitanks, the Odyssey Total Discharge Technology, or to book a shipment, contact us at FlexiTank@odysseylogistics.com