Ocean Container Transport (Interdom): Contact Us

Please find the contact information organized by department in the table below. Click on the specific department for additional contact information by employee.

If you would like to submit a general question or request electronically please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Rick Rudie
Phone: 800-935-0851 ext. 2038
Fax: 708-671-0229
Email: rkrudie@interdompartners.com

Steve Kranz
VP Business Development
Phone: 704-799-7224
Fax: 704-799-7226
Email: skranz@interdompartners.com

Steve Novak
VP Intermodal
Marketing Phone: 800-935-0851 ext. 2049
Fax: 800-935-5385
Email: snovak@interdompartners.com

Mike O’Brien
VP Intermodal
Marketing Phone: 732-747-2218
Fax: 732-747-2278
Email: mobrien@interdompartners.com

Sherri Jackson
VP Intermodal
Marketing Phone: 904-827-9815
Fax: 904-827-9768
Email: sjackson@interdompartners.com

7a.m.-7p.m. CST M-F, 9a.m.-12p.m. Sat.
Operations Fax Numbers 708-671-0227
Operations Fax Numbers 708-671-0228
Operations Fax Numbers 708-671-0467

Ken Stratton – VP Operations
Phone: 800-935-0851 ext.2294
Email: kstratton@interdompartners.com

Domestic Operations Team
Phone: 800-793-5696
Group Email: domesticteam@interdompartners.com

Deb Feie – Domestic Manager
Phone: 708-671-2055
Email: dfeie@interdompartners.com

Tony Russo
Phone: 708-671-2131
Email: trusso@interdompartners.com

Seth Murphy
Phone: 708-671-2102
Email: smurphy@interdompartners.com

Amy Rodgers
Ext. 2104
Email: arodgers@interdompartners.com

Tim Rudie
Ext 2135
Email: trudie@interdompartners.com

Pete Jeszka
Ext 2109
Email: pjeszka@interdompartners.com

International Operations Team
Phone: 800-793-6032
Group Email: international@interdompartners.com

Wendy Master – International Manager
Phone: 708-671-2130
Email: wmaster@interdompartners.com

Annette Lynch
Phone: 708-671-2132
Email: alynch@interdompartners.com

Joy Eckrich
Phone: 708-671-2137
Email: jeckrich@interdompartners.com

Matt Martin
Phone: 708-671-2141
Email: mmartin@interdompartners.com

Yvonne Hardt
Ext 2142
Email: yhardt@interdompartners.com

Elizabeth Campos
Ext 2138
Email: ecampos@interdompartners.com

Vicki Pope
Ext 2283
Email: vpope@interdompartners.com

Mary Kay Stalley
Ext 2292

Phone: 708-671-2110
Fax: 708-671-2280

Nancy Klimala
Phone: 708-671-2281
Fax: 708-671-0467
Email: nancy@interdompartners.com

Mary Ellyn Cox
Phone: 708-671-2282
Fax: 708-671-0467
Email: maryellyn@interdompartners.com

Phone: 800-935-0851
Fax: 800-935-5385
Email: equipment@interdompartners.com

Mike Tajdus – VP Equipment and Pricing
Phone: 708-671-2143
Email: mtajdus@interdompartners.com

Michelle Craig – Equipment Marketing Manager
Phone: 708-671-6021
Email: mcraig@interdompartners.com

Jenny Clark – Equipment Control
Ext. 2258
Email: jclark@interdompartners.com

Linda Estrada
Ext. 2248
Email: lestrada@interdompartners.com

Phone 800-793-6034
Fax 800-935-5385
Group Email: pricing@interdompartners.com

Mike Tajdus – VP Equipment and Pricing
Phone: 708-671-2143
Email: mtajdus@interdompartners.com

Bob Anderson – AVP Pricing/Equipment
Email: banderson@interdompartners.com

Geannine Barth- Pricing Coordinator
Ext. 2046
Email: gbarth@interdompartners.com

Greg West- Pricing Coordinator
Phone: 800-793-6034
Email: gwest@interdompartners.com

Phone: 800-935-0851
Fax: 708-671-0229

Chris Elder – CFO
Ext. 2036
Email: cjelder@interdompartners.com

Mike Popo – Controller
Ext. 2254
Email: mpopo@interdompartners.com

Debbie Wilson-Fandrey – Systems Support/Accessorial Manager
Ext. 6020
Email: dmw@interdompartners.com

Donna Vanderwall – Human Resources
Ext. 2034
Email: dvanderwall@interdompartners.com

Tammie Culver- Accounting Manager
Ext. 2037
Email: tculver@interdompartners.com

Cathy Weglowski – Accounts Payable Coordinator
Ext. 2253
Email: cweglow@interdompartners.com

Bonnie Culver – Accounts Payable Coordinator
Ext. 2256

Debbie Mullen – Accounts Receivable
Ext. 2251
Email: dmullen@interdompartners.com

Chris Degnegaard – Accounts Receivable
Ext. 2255
Email: chrisd@interdompartners.com

Phone: 800-935-0851
Fax: 708-671-0229

Pam Sobiski
Ext. 2236
Email: pams@interdompartners.com