Ocean Container Transport (Interdom): Interdom Advantages

Interdom is truly a leader and innovator in the space:

  • Pioneered the first independent double stack service for steamship carriers that did not have internal intermodal departments
  • Only independent IMC to have U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MA) contracts which enables us to offer steamship pricing to our clients
  • Relationships with every major railroad in North America
    • Primary Contracts with:
      • Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF)
        • BNSF’s largest TPI (Third Party International) contract holder
        • Single source on BNSF for every new entrant ocean carrier since 1999
        • Exclusive intermodal contractor for bulk liquid ISO tank equipment
        • CY capabilities at BNSF rail terminals in Atlanta, GA, Alliance, TX Chicago, IL , Houston, TX, Kansas City, KS and Memphis, TN.
        • Norfolk Southern Railroad (NS)
          • One of NS’ top 5 international clients
          • Proprietary bulk liquid ISO tank agreement
          • Shipped over 55,000 containers in 2014
          • Proprietary international rail intermodal contracts.
          • Largest domestic shipper (99%) of 20’ ocean containers in the U.S.
          • Largest IMC shipper of 20’, 40’, and 45’ containers in North America.
          • Largest intermodal rail shipper of ISO tanks in North America.
          • Largest intermodal rail shipper of coiled metal products in North America.