Rail Intermodal (Interdom®): Service Overview

Interdom is an intermodal marketing company (IMC) leveraging their unique international rail intermodal contracts with all the major class 1 North American rail carriers to enable the rail intermodal transport of ocean containers, ISO tanks, and flexitanks to/from all North American ports and rail terminals. Our clients include ocean carriers, NVOCC’s, ISO tank carriers, third party logistics organizations, international freight forwarders / customs house brokers and beneficial owners of cargo (BCO’s).

  • International and Domestic Containerized Cargo Services:
    • Interdom provides a customized rail intermodal service tailored to what a domestic or international client requires: Door-to-Door, Ramp-to-Door, Ramp-to-Ramp and Door-to-Ramp. We have the experience and expertise to execute any type of intermodal shipment. We provide on dock rail intermodal service regularly of ocean containers and iso tank containers. We can provide service in all equipment types: 20’, 40’ 45’ & 53’. We do not own the equipment we become the marketing channel for the equipment provider that has surplus inventory (ocean carrier, motor carrier or rail road). We have become the largest independent marketing channel for domestic cabotage of ocean carrier equipment.
  • Intermodal ISO Tanks:
    • Interdom LLC is one of the largest liquid bulk rail intermodal service providers. We hold exclusive intermodal iso tank and flexitank rail agreements. Our major partners are the NS RR and the BNSF.  We provide the service to all the major iso tank operators in N America.