Food Grade Intermodal Tanks

Dedicated solely for food-grade transport, Odyssey FoodTrans food grade intermodal tanks have a loading capacity of 24,000L while maintaining the ISO dimensions of a 20ft. box container, and designed to seamlessly integrate with most systems and facilities.

Odyssey now offers flexitank bulk liquid containers suitable for domestic and international intermodal transportation.

ISO Tanks:


Surrounded by layers of insulation of the highest-quality materials, all Odyssey FoodTrans tanks are designed to minimize product temperature gain throughout a shipping cycle. These super-insulated tanks are able to deliver temperature-sensitive products without the extra costs of refrigeration.

Refrigeration Capability:

When refrigeration is required for fixed temperature control, specially designed tanks are configured with refrigerated units and temperature sensors. Not only do refrigerated tanks improve cold-chain management, they are also available for bulk cold static storage.

Traceability Technology:

To ensure product integrity and quality, tanks equipped with PLC devices, pressure switches, and temperature probes are available to track product condition throughout the shipping cycle. A great addition to any risk management and supply chain system.

Aseptic Capability:

With advances in tank components and aseptic technology, it is possible to transport bulk liquid-foods in a maintained sterile environment.

This provides the opportunity to transport aseptic products in bulk quantities, while drastically reducing capital and operational investments for reprocessing and aseptic bulk storage facilities. Learn more about the benefits of our aseptic capabilities here.


Odyssey introduces flexitank bulk liquid containers suitable for domestic and international intermodal transportation.  Learn more.