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Odyssey Logistics is a leading provider of bulk intermodal services throughout North America.

For over 25 years, we have helped shippers solve the cost, capacity and sustainability challenges of shipping liquid bulk over long distances by utilizing ISO tank containers as an alternative to tank truck.

Tank Intermodal Services

For our clients, we combine the economies of rail with the flexibility of tank truck to provide a solution that is comparable to over the road shipping; commonly for a lower cost and less impact on the environment. Our service network extends throughout North America, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, as well as Canada and Mexico.

Tank On Flatcar

Intermodal Service utilizing our ISO tanks or customer provided assets

We provide an intermodal service that utilizes ISO tanks as an alternative to tank truck for long haul shipments throughout North America. Our large fleet and experienced team are readily available to offer a fast, smooth transition from tank truck. We take exceptional care every step of the way, in order to provide a seamless bulk solution from the loading site all the way to the end user. Your shipment will move on a single bill of lading and be coordinated and monitored throughout by a single point of contact.

Rail movement of ISO tank containers is our specialty; and although we typically provide this service utilizing our own assets, we also manage customer provided ISO tanks on the same basis. We extend the benefit of rail to the inland portion of international shipments or specialized products that are transported in private equipment. Either way, we assure you an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety to assist with your long haul bulk shipping needs.

Service throughout NA

Includes United States (AK, HI, PR), Canada and Mexico

We specialize in the door-to-door, domestic off-shore transportation of bulk liquids in ISO tank containers in the domestic Jones Act Trade, specifically to Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii. We have been providing exemplary, error-free services to these markets for many of our customers for several decades.

As with our ISO tank container domestic transportation service, with this service offering we utilize the optimum mode of transport for each transport segment and have an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our service is ideal for shipments over 1,000 miles where savings in excess 30% can be achieved.

Storage Solutions

ISO tank storage and rental service

Many shippers struggle with timely deliveries for long haul shipments based on the lead times they are provided. We can offer increased flexibility by storing containers at a local depot near the destination; enabling shippers to provide an economical service enhancement to the end user through a local point of supply.

We also offer a flexible lease option to provide ISO tanks on a stand-alone basis for onsite storage needs or special projects requiring tank containers. Our fleet is well positioned across North America, enabling us to quickly meet your tank container needs without a long-term commitment.

General Features

Our ISO tanks are designed to offer clients a safe, efficient method to transport bulk liquid materials via rail and truck for inland portions. Learn more regarding our tanks feature and fitting.

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Advantages of Multimodal Transportation Services

Long-haul domestic intermodal service can offer you significant savings compared to over-the-road trucking service. In many lanes, direct savings are in excess of 30%. Total savings can be even greater, given high fuel surcharge percentages that are applied to base line-haul freight rates.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Intermodal offers significant environmental benefits compared to truck. Compared to truck, a long-haul intermodal shipment reduces the carbon footprint by about half. A truck transporting 44,000 pounds of cargo from Chicago, IL, to Los Angeles, CA, produces approximately 4.4 metric tons of carbon emissions, compared to rail producing only 2.1 metric tons of carbon emissions, a 52% reduction.

Reduced Fuel Costs

Shipping intermodally by rail is over two times more fuel efficient than by truck. Railroads can move one ton of freight over 400 miles on one gallon of fuel. If just 10% of the long-haul freight currently moving over-the-road were converted to rail, annual fuel savings in the U.S. would exceed 1 billion gallons.

Improved Safety and Security

Railroads record one quarter the number of accidents per ton-mile than trucks. Moreover, railroads have an outstanding track record in safely delivering hazardous materials – 99.99% of all rail shipments containing hazardous materials arrive at their destination safely, without any release.

Reduced Highway Congestion

One intermodal train takes about 300 long-haul trucks off our crowded highways.

Railroads and trucks carry almost equal HAZMAT ton-miles, but trucks have 16 times more HAZMAT releases than railroads.

Truck Driver Shortage

According to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, there is a shortage of about 200,000 truck drivers this year, and this number will likely double over the next several years. Long-haul truck driver capacity is especially being affected. Driver capacity is also expected to be further impacted by CSA 2010.