Major Lake-Effect Snow Continues 11/20/14

Thursday, November 20, 2014 (11:59 a.m. ET) –A major lake-effect snowstorm dumped more than 60 inches of snow in some areas over the past two days. The storm caused the deaths of at least eight people, shut down major roadways, and stranded vehicles for hours on others. Severe travel constraints continue to affect the region, with some areas under state of emergency driving bans. Conditions are expected to ramp up again today. Limited service is expected in areas most impacted by extreme weather conditions.


  • The New York Thruway, I90, remains closed from the Pennsylvania state line to Rochester, NY.
  • Routes 400 and 219 in NY –closed.
  • 84 is closed at this time in Eastern Oregon.

Service Impacts and Operational Limits

11_20 snow

Freeze Protection Service Embargo/Interruptions

Reports of embargoed freeze protection service for shipments moving to, through, and from the following areas

11_20 freeze