Global Transportation Services, Inc: Solutions

GLOBAL provides tailored solutions to meet needs. As an IAC, Global Transportation Services, Inc. offers air express, Next Flight Out, Hand Carry, Courier, Deferred Air Freight, Charter and Part-charter services.

  • TSA Compliant
  • Door/door, door/airport, and airport/airport rates worldwide
  • Developed air import gateway program for quick deliveries to all US markets
  • Export charter and special equipment capability, next flight out, hand carry, and courier services
  • Full documentation services
  • Web-based tracking and tracing
  • Multiple vendor consolidation program
  • Multimodal offerings: sea/air, air/sea
  • IATA and FIATA Members

GLOBAL provides tailored solutions to meet needs. As an international freight forwarder and OTI via GLOBAL Container Line, Inc. FMC Lic# 18478NF we offer FCL, LCL, breakbulk, RO/RO charter and part-charter services. Routing expertise combined with substantial buying power creates value through flexible departures, transit times and cost options.

  • C-TPAT Validated Member since 2003
  • Full Container Load (FCL) ocean freight forwarding and ocean intermediary services via our NVOCC Global Container Line, Inc.
  • Worldwide services to/from all points
  • Weekly LCL consolidations from major Asia points to key North America destinations
  • Track and trace tools with multiple criteria options and customer defined reports
  • Creative Air/Sea and Sea/Air programs
  • Multi-vendor and multi-country consolidations
  • Documentation processing and export compliance
  • EDI capabilities
  • Insurance options, IMDG and reefer cargo handled

GLOBAL helps clients successfully navigate complex trade regulations enabling them to avoid additional costs and delays. Our Customs Brokerage experts are ready to manage your import processing and compliance assessment programs.

  • Our Customs House Brokerage services, local transportation, and warehouse programs are integrated with our import operations, allowing for full visibility and forecasting of cargo release by all team members.
  • Our consultative customs brokerage experts help ensure compliant, accurate and timely entry services.
  • Licensed US Customs Brokers and highly experienced import entry specialists in each office
  • C-TPAT validated customs broker
  • ABI entry processing, ISF, pre-clearance and remote location filing capabilities
  • Free Trade Zone (FTZ) implementation and operation (see below for more info)
  • Multiple duty payment options
  • Customs bonds
  • Compliance consulting
  • Expertise with other government agencies: FDA, F&W, FCC, DOT, EPA & USDA
  • Web-based track and trace from PO through customs to final delivery

GLOBAL has strategic partnerships with national carrier fleets affording our customers priority booking and competitive rates.

  • Special services to include Over Dimensional Freight, Intact Containers, Flatbed, Lowboy, Step-deck and Heavy-haul
  • Specialized Outbound consolidation of LTL shipments from the Western USA and Canada provide service and pricing flexibility.
  • Scheduled daily departures from the Northwest to all Points east of the Rockies.
  • Expedited “first to market” services available for LTL and Truckload moves.
  • Intermodal Services (Rail)
  • Full Containerized hauling services from Military & Commercial Household Goods including Port Services.
  • Pricing based on shipment space and weight utilization versus traditional classification schedule = better service at a better price then traditional LCL.
  • Export consolidation – Combining multiple shipments from suppliers into a single export shipment.
  • Import deconsolidation – Complete sort, segregation and drop ship services

GLOBAL’s warehousing and distribution program fully integrated with our mature import/export, CHB and domestic distribution services providing a seamless fulfillment solution

  • Total 335,000 square feet US Customs bonded facilities in 8 strategic locations in the United States
  • C-TPAT Validated Warehouses
  • Cross Dock and Transload services
  • Specialized outbound consolidation of LTL shipments from the Western USA and Canada provide service and pricing flexibility.
  • EDI, Real-time Inventory & Management Reporting Capabilities
  • Reverse logistics and Return goods management
  • Long and Short term storage services
  • Scalable Global Warehouse solutions tailored to meet project scope
  • Pick/ship, Pick/Pack, kitting, labeling, assembly and fulfillment services
  • Cross Dock & Long term storage
  • Courier processing
  • Retail Distribution compliance
  • Security and fire protection
  • Product merge in-transit

GLOBAL provides integrated logistics solutions for large-scale, global logistics operations in the oil and energy, construction and manufacturing industries

  • Complex logistics tasks demand precisely tailored solutions, meticulously executed by the GLOBAL project team
  • Integrated global project logistics solutions
  • Monitored project activity from factory to foundation
  • Teams of experts located around the globe to provide local expertise and support
  • Planning and consultation, heavy lift operations, sourcing, consolidation and distribution
  • Full and part charters, insurance, export packing and full documentation services
  • Click here for examples of projects

GLOBAL offers a full range of origin/consolidation services by ocean and air. We work closely with your factories to manage your purchase order from the point of issue, convert and pull shipping orders, and optimize container loading.

  • Single source contract management of your contracts and ours for optimized routing.
  • Consolidation of P.O. to shipments, multiple suppliers, multiple countries and multiple P.O.’s
  • Value-added services such as quality control checks, kitting, rework, assortment, pick and pack, labeling, price tagging, garment assortment packing and garment on hanger (GOH)
  • Store-ready shipment unit configuration
  • Daily on-hand reports: tailored reports showing shipments received by P.O., part number and quantities on a basis.
  • DC Bypass
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Carrier Allocations
  • Store level Allocations
  • Immediate VAT Refund for local supplier
  • Bonded storage and transportation

GLOBAL conducts in-depth analysis of your supply chain and cost of monies to determine potential annualized savings through reducing, eliminating or deferring duty and weekly entries. Should a FTZ prove to be a viable option for you, we will provide you with access to proven tools to manage your inventory from origin to entry into US commerce for maximum cash flow effectiveness.

  • Analysis of potential benefits of inverted tariffs
  • Project management of CBP approval process and implementation
  • PO management from origin to FTZ
  • Inbond documentation prior to vessel arrival
  • Dedicated reports of single or multiple PO splits
  • Entry into US Commerce on demand

Please contact us for more information about Foreign Trade Zones.

No one likes to think about it, but the ugly truth is accidents and disasters happen. Lloyd’s of London reports that, on average, a vessel sinks every day. Heavy winds, water damage, hurricanes, typhoons – all can damage your goods. It is important to understand common declinations and legal liabilities limitations that all carriers place on settlements. A variety of insurance products can protect you to what level is best suited for your specific shipment and risk level.

We can ensure your goods are covered at the proper level at reasonable rates and with no deductible:

  • All Risk Insurance for new, professionally packaged goods for ocean, air and domestic transport
  • FPA insurance for complete loss for commodities that only lose their value catastrophically (example: steel beams)
  • Declared Value coverage for any value you indicate up to full value
  • Mail / parcel post coverage
  • FOB/FAS/CFR coverage which protects you as a seller during transit until such time as the title is transferred to the buyer.
  • Warehouse Insurance

Please view our Resources Page for more details on the importance of protecting your goods from damage or loss.