Intermodal Flexitank Solution by Interdom LLC, a subsidiary of Odyssey Logistics & Technology

Rail intermodal transportation offers a solution to the current driver shortages, and capacity constraints impacting the logistics industry.

No other industry is getting hit harder by these capacity issues than the bulk liquid industry, both chemical and food-grade. The increased certifications and training that drivers need makes it even more difficult to find long haul drivers for these commodities.

Why intermodal?

When utilizing intermodal, drivers are only required for short, regional trips to/from depots, loading/delivery points and intermodal rail facilities, thus reducing on the scarce driver resources.

Why Odyssey?

What differentiates our service offering for the bulk liquid industry is that we have combined the world-class expertise and industry partnerships of Interdom LLC, subsidiary of Odyssey Logistics, with our patent pending flexitank technology & process to provide a complete intermodal flexitank solution. Our new flexitank technology works in both a 20 and 40 ft. ocean container and is approved by the AAR as well as most individual Class 1 railroads (NS, CSX, BNSF, CN and UP).

Our experts are with you every step of the complete Door-to-Done™ solution.

Interdom holds international rail intermodal contracts with all the Class 1 railroads and can provide rail intermodal services throughout North America. Interdom provides the flexitank, the 20’ or 40’ intermodal equipment, flexitank preparation, door pick-up, rail line haul and door delivery.

Disposal of the flexitank is coordinated with a recycling company at destination.

Key benefits of Odyssey’s Intermodal Flexitanks include:

Safety: As an American Chemistry ACC Responsible Care partner, safety is the number one priority in all aspects of our business and operations. We are committed to upholding the highest standards with regards to safety, health, the environment and security at all levels of the operation and organization.

Sustainability: The unique aspect of transporting bulk liquids using flexitanks, is a one-way transit. After discharge there is no need for cleaning of the equipment, or empty back-haul transit to return the asset, it is simply recycled. The use of flexitanks decreases the carbon footprint associated with each shipment and creates economies for the customer.

Additional Capacity:  We supplement long-haul bulk tank truck capacity with the ability to move flexitanks in intermodal containers on the domestic rail network. Odyssey flexitanks are in ample supply and can be held locally in the vicinity of the receiver

Product Integrity: Odyssey Flexitanks are designed to protect the integrity and quality of your products from door to door. Each flexitank manufactured in clean room environment to FDA, Canadian and European food directive standards.

Customer Service: Odyssey prides itself on superior customer service by providing ‘more than a flexitank’. Odyssey delivers customer support and the tools needed to complete the shipment safely, securely, and worry free.

Cost Savings: The use of rail in a long-haul shipment combined with the patent pending patent-pending design of Odyssey’s flexitank services significantly reduces costs for bulk liquid shippers.

Odyssey’s Intermodal Freight Network: Odyssey flexitank services leverages its extensive North American rail contracts with the major Class 1 railroads. These contracts are backed by a nationwide network of offices and agents ready to provide world-class customer support.

Odyssey Flexitanks: it’s where bulk liquid logistics is moving.

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