Advanced Small Parcel Audit Services:

A parcel audit service optimizes your shipping and looks for effortless cost reduction while automating your entire process and gaining insight through data collection.

Odyssey’s service audits everything “auditable” including: late deliveries, items manifested but not shipped, residential surcharges, shipment addresses, unauthorized account use, delivery area surcharges, and signature requirements.

How it works: 

Odyssey receives your invoice data via EDI and/or pairs up with your shipper login credentials to download the raw invoice data. We extract that data and run it through our software to analyze every one of your shipments to identify and secure any refund opportunities. We identify two types of savings you’re entitled to that account for 10% of effortless cost reduction.

Hard dollar savings are approximately 1% to 3% of your annual small parcel shipping spend that is refunded by service failures including: late delivery, residential surcharges, and address corrections.

Soft dollar savings or optimization savings are realized through business intelligence. Using advanced reporting and data collection, we are able to capitalize on service opportunities and eliminate unnecessary service usage to save approximately 5% – 7% of spend.

Our parcel service is automatic and electronic, it refunds and optimizes your small parcel shipments with zero effort on your behalf. Our team works with your data to secure the refunds you’re entitled to. Isn’t it time you got your 10% back?

Connect with one of our parcel audit experts to discuss all your potential audit points:

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