LTL (Less-than-Truckload) and TL (Truckload)

OL&T provides a full range of LTL and TL trucking services.

Clients know that whether they require LTL (Less-than-Truckload) capacity or are in need of a full truckload (TL), with OL&T’s access to a vast network of carriers, they will benefit from cost-efficient and flexible solutions. Our subsidiaries CTS and Odyssey Overland have extensive experience in trucking and help our clients find their best solution.

Because we are selective about the carriers in the OL&T provider network, we consistently ensure the safe, on-time and optimally priced shipment solutions for every over-the-road mode. In addition we offer consolidation/distribution, temperature-controlled equipment, on-site logistics, and web-enabled reporting.

OL&T’s LTL online services include This web-based services delivers an a la carte solution that can lower transportation costs and improve the efficiency of the entire shipping process.

We also offer WIN (Web Integrated Network), which is a web-based interface network that allows for complete control over the entire transportation process.

Demand in for LTL Less-than-Truckload has been growing for both retailers and manufacturers. Weak sales at the bricks-and-mortar level and growth in online purchases have reduced the need for more stock on-hand. In response to this shifting dynamic, businesses are taking more frequent, smaller shipments from their suppliers. Manufacturers utilizing just in time production methods are experiencing a similar phenomenon, at times needing smaller more frequent shipments. Accommodating all types of industries and product, OL&T leverages its extensive network to satisfy the growing need for LTL shipping. LTL Truck