Our strength in logistics consulting stems from our veteran logisticians and engineers

Odyssey adeptly handles the unique logistics challenges of operations-driven businesses, both domestic and global. The heart of our logistics consulting services resides in the skills, talents and real-world experience of our veteran logisticians and engineers, each thoroughly skilled in:

  • Market intelligence analysis
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Network redesign
  • Sophisticated logistics software tools
  • Benchmarking assessment

Logistics Strategy

Logistics Consulting Our planning and analytical consultancy services encourage clients to explore options including:

  • Sourcing options
  • Make vs. buy decisions
  • Inventory positioning
  • Customer order management strategies

Odyssey’s multi-modal, process manufacturing and logistics management consultants work to develop solutions that align with each client’s business strategy and fiscal goals. Our breadth of offerings allows us to create a seamless solution, linking cross-company services to deliver greater efficiency and savings to our clients.

Data Analysis

Data is only valuable when it is skillfully analyzed. Odyssey collects and time stamps thousands of data points for each client, and we excel at mining the information for any potential process improvement opportunities it may contain.

Network Analysis and Redesign

Through a combination of improvements to the global supply chain and network design, Odyssey works with prospective and current clients to:

  • Streamline intermodal shipping operations
  • Leverage aggregated buying power
  • Redesign lanes for greater efficiency

We focus on:

  • Warehouse placement
  • Warehouse rationalization
  • Transit time analysis
  • Mode shifts
  • Shipment optimization

Workflow Analysis

Our process manufacturing shipping experts streamline, automate and improve the efficiency of our clients’ workflow to reduce transaction costs and manage performance. Through an analysis of work processes, the latest lane costs and capacity available in the market, we recommend modifications for improved timeliness, accuracy and reliability.