National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Rolls In

As consumers, we often take for granted that the goods we order will arrive at our door. As a lead logistics provider, OL&T understands the dedication and skill that exist behind the scenes.

The week of September 16-22 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. OL&T applauds the well-deserved recognition of the hard-working truck drivers who keep goods—finished products and raw materials—moving through just about every city and state.

Trucking Industry Facts

According to American Trucking Associations, more than 80 percent of U.S. communities rely on the trucking industry for delivery of their orders. In 2011, the trucking industry delivered 67 percent of the U.S. freight tonnage, representing more than 9.2 billion tons.

There are over 3.1 million professional truck drivers nationwide, logging nearly 400 billion miles every year. Even with all those miles and a growing fleet of trucks, the industry has an overall crash rate of less than half that of other vehicles.

Our Appreciation

OL&T has first-hand knowledge of the professionalism of the truck drivers who are a part of our extensive network of transport carriers.

We appreciate their significant contributions and skill in handling our clients’ shipments safely and efficiently. Please join us in thanking the expert men and women who make up the trucking industry.