News: 04/12/2016

BASF Nominates Odyssey’s Optimodal Business for Supplier of the Year: 04/12/2016

BASF Corporation, the second largest chemical company in North America, nominated Optimodal, Inc., a business unit of Odyssey Logistics & Technology as a “Supplier of the Year.”

BASF announced they would present “Supplier of the Year” awards in the categories of innovation, performance, and sustainability.  Although they do business with more than 30,000 suppliers across a broad spectrum of products and services there were only three (3) nominees for each category.  Optimodal was nominated for the innovation award.

In addition to supporting key BASF customers, Optimodal supports intercompany moves between BASF’s production facilities.  Optimodal distinguished itself as an innovative solutions provider by developing creative ways to solve difficult storage and delivery problems, particularly for BASF’s customers with shifting timelines for plant startups and chemical demand.