News: 3PL & Cold Storage Provider of 2019

Managing the cold chain is crucial to protecting and meeting the demands of the supply chain. Companies on this year’s Top 3PL & Cold Storage list play a pivotal role in the on-going challenge.

Logistics Providers Keep Pace With New Demands 3PL & Cold Storage Providers

Standouts in their own right, each company continues to improve their skills and keep up with the latest temperature monitoring technologies, transportation management systems and warehouse management systems. Moving and storing perishable goods requires companies to commit to continually improving their operations and meeting their customers’ needs.

Traceability Toolkit: Software, Automation, Data Standardization

Food Logistics is pleased to announce the Top 3PLs & Cold Storage Providers of 2019, an annual updated directory of providers that summarizes their capabilities. The list is a useful resource to transportation decision-makers for a quick view of potential solution providers and the geographic locations they serve.

Odyssey Logistics & Technology

Whether a client is looking to move its product across the country or across an ocean, Odyssey Logistics & Technology utilizes the optimum mode for each segment of the food transportation supply chain. For the last 12 years, the company has specialized in door-to-door sea transportation of bulk liquid food products in ISO tank containers. Odyssey provides ISO tank containers for inventory storage at shipper or receiver plant locations and its U.S. distribution centers handle over 60 million cases of alcoholic beverages annually.


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