News: Odyssey Logistics & Technology Recognized for Chemical Logistics Specialty

June 18, 2019

 Chemical Logistics: Specialty and Innovation

Chemical logistics is embedded “in the DNA of Odyssey,” says Glenn Riggs. Based in Danbury, Connecticut, Odyssey’s founding partners came from the chemical industry and started the company with a focus on chemical logistics. They understand the unique challenges of the industry and possess the skills and experience to tackle them.

For instance, with its purchase of a chemical tank truck company, Odyssey gained a fleet of trucks and tanks, as well as terminals and cleaning racks that enable it to provide bulk chemical logistics capacity. And its bulk brokerage arm, Odyssey Overland LLC, offers a single source for safe and reliable end-to-end transportation management.

Optimodal, Inc., Odyssey’s Chemical ISO Tank Transport Service, consists of a fleet of 6,500-gallon ISO tanks. They can move chemical shipments from truck to railcar to truck, safely, cost-effectively, and sustainably across North America. “We believe intermodal transportation is a solution to the capacity challenges,” Riggs says.

To further alleviate capacity challenges, Odyssey spent several years researching and developing a next-generation “flexi-tank” for non-hazardous chemicals, Riggs says. This tank can carry a range of chemicals.

Odyssey’s sample fulfillment services help chemical companies that need to safely and cost effectively meet their customers’ requests for samples of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Odyssey can store, package, and ship sample and small-revenue orders. To date, the company has processed more than 10 million sample shipments.

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