News: Global Trade magazine identifies Odyssey Logistics & Technology (OL&T) as a "Best Technology" Top Ten 3PL : 11/11/2013

Unlike the processes used to create many ‘Top 3PL’ lists, Global Trade’s senior Editors, in collaboration with market research and consulting firm, Armstrong and Associates, undertook this project using an uncommon methodology.  Their strategy was to reach beyond what is already known about each 3PL to determine whether any ‘excelled’ in 1 of 12 categories the team deemed ‘pertinent’ to their readership; U.S.-based companies with global reach.

The team cited the innovation, customization, and logistics process automation of OL&T’s web-based proprietary technology, the Odyssey Logistics Global PlatformSM, to be a technological stand-out which OL&T’s Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Russ Marky, said shifts the provider-client relationship from “‘Here’s how we do business with you’ to ‘How do you want to do business with us?’”

Mr. Marky, along with CEO and President, Bob Shellman and the entire OL&T staff appreciates and thanks Global Trade magazine and Armstrong and Associates for this recognition.

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